Specialist Translations

dbm-translations offers translation services for all languages and technical fields: from financial or marketing translations to legal translations to technical translations and many others.  Accomplished professional translators from around the world translate your text adequately into the desired target language by applying their extensive technical knowledge. All translators working for dbm-translations are native speakers and possess dual qualifications: Their impeccable mastery of language and their acute technical expertise allow them to thoroughly understand the text they are working with and to turn the original into a translation that is accurate and to the point.


We are not satisfied until the translation has the same message and reflects the same intention as the original text. Our quality standards include the observance of the aspect of CI conformity and the particularities of the local target market.


All certified translations of official documents, certificates, deeds and similar documents are completed exclusively by translators authorised to make such translations and reviewed once again by our quality assurance department.


We employ state-of-the-art techniques to optimise the translation process. These include the use of terminology management and translation memory. The uniformity of the text that results from the consistent use of the applicable terminology ensures that the translations are perfectly comprehensible. Effective terminology management results in greater efficiency, significant savings in time, reduced costs and improved quality. At the other end of the project, our translators use so-called Translation Memory Systems (TMS) that allow them to retrieve portions of sentences or texts from previous translations from a database. This is another element that helps save time and money for our customers.  


We translate the world for YOU!