The use of language is a trait that all people inhabiting this planet have in common. While there is a plethora of different languages in this world, all humans are linked by their common need to communicate and to capture and explain their own self and the world that surrounds them. At dbm-translations we support companies and private individuals in their efforts to communicate with one another: 

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Understanding begins with common interests. If there is any sport that fascinates and unites all peoples of the world, the young and the old, and men and women alike across all borders, this sport is football. Since we are headquartered in Essen, we decided to sponsor several football teams from the Ruhr region - among them, the team for under 12-year-old children playing for the former Bundesliga club SG Wattenscheid 09.

U9-Wattenscheid 09  - 2018/2019
U9-Wattenscheid 09 - 2018/2019